A hardware and software solution that consists of a Wifi to IR bridge that controls devices with no line of sight needed. The software side consisted of using FreeRTOS, iOS, NodeJS, and SQLite.
An educational customizable quiz application for Trojan Condoms. It also allows users to share scores to social networks. Built using AS3.
Working with an artist and sound engineer to recreate the "Tapper" game play experience but with a greener message of recycling for a tween audience. Communicates with the Nickelodeon back-end to add leaderboard support and currently has over 1.5 million plays. Created with AS3.
A time based physical activity game that allows middle school children to customize their character, room, and actions. They are to copy the actions of their virtual character in their real rooms. Created in AS2.
Playing as Dora the Explorer, fish for presents that fell into the pond. The game contains dynamic Bezier fishing line creation that draws to the position where the user clicked on the pond. Also features lip synced voice animations. Created in AS2.
Help Jack from Jack's Big Music Show, catch different animals depending on the round goals. Allows children to associate animals with their natural sounds. Also features lip synced voice animations. Created in AS2.
Create sand castles, customize them with ornaments and print it out to hang in your room! Also features lip synced voice animations. Created in AS2.
Help Moose to catch the fruit that Zee cuts from trees. Helps young children with counting. Also features lip synced voice animations. Created in AS2.
Promotional game for the Nacho Libre movie. A new take on follow the leader by using poses to intimidate your opponent and win over the crowd, proving that you are muy macho. Two player option. Created using AS2.
A single and multiplayer dart game that contained virtual goods for purchase. My responsibilities were designing and developing an API as well as the back-end server to allow multiplayer match making, chat, and online game play possible. A customized SmartFox Server was used to help in the development of the service. Created using Java, Python, AS3, HTML, CSS and Javascript.
A virtual world where children can adopt and customize their pets. They can also play single and multiplayer games to obtain in game cash to further customize their pet. My responsibilities as a developer were the log-in interface and communication in sending and retrieving credentials and account information to the back-end. I also designed and created an API so that other game developers could easily create multiplayer games for the virtual world. Other responsibilities included localization of text depending on the language of choice and helping other developers integrate it. A customized SmartFox Server was used to handle game rooms and launching of multiplayer games. Languages used were Java for the back-end and AS3 for the multiplayer game API.
Worked along with another developer designing and developing this flash based website which honored GE employees who worked on the CF34 engine line. The site contained an interactive 3D model, a picture slide show, and a video player. Sharing of the site was added using social network APIs. Created using AS3.
Sole developer for this video production site containing Flash video, Quicktime video, interactive JQuery menu animations, contact form, and live twitter and flicker updates. Languages used were PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript and social APIs.